About Us

Our mission is to fund research into idiopathic pulmonary hypertension causes, treatments, and cures and to raise awareness of pediatric pulmonary hypertension specifically.

In August 2016, Vera was born in a peaceful, beautiful birth near Santa Cruz, California. Minutes after being born, however, it became clear she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. She was rushed to the NICU where she began fighting for her life.

For three excruciating months, Vera’s life was hanging by a thread as she underwent some of the most advanced treatments available in the world at research hospital Stanford Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California. Eventually it became clear Vera was battling an extremely rare form of idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, a disease for which there is no cure–yet.

In 2018, Vera’s Hope Foundation was formed to help bring about awareness and ultimately a cure for pulmonary hypertension.